"Hawt mics: A New Talk Show, its potentials, the buzz and candid opinion"

The article is a frank opinion by Thespian Akeem Ogunmilade, an entertainment community stakeholder and consulate media practitioner.

In recent weeks, a new talk show called Hawt mics has been generating buzz on social media and beyond. The show, hosted by Mc Morris , Emmanuel Igboke and sometimes Ade Tiger, invites guests to share their opinions, bias and reveal juicy secrets about people in the Nigerian Canadian  entertainment  community. While some viewers find the show entertaining and informative, others are concerned about its potential harm and impact on people's lives and homes.


 The main issue with Hawt mics is that it promotes gossip, disunity and slander, rather than building a strong community. The guests on the show are often community members with controversial stories and are picked upon by the hosts to respond to gossips from the street, which makes it difficult to verify the accuracy or authenticity of their claims. They can make unfounded accusations, spread rumors, or defame individuals without any consequences or accountability. The show's hosts, who often goads them on and adds their own provocative comments, encourages this behavior and fosters a culture of negativity, disunity and sensationalism.


Moreover, Hawt mics can have serious repercussions for the people who are mentioned or affected by the show's content. They may be subjected to public shaming, harassment, or bullying, based on rumors or half-truths. Their reputation, dignity, and privacy may be violated, without their consent or knowledge. They may also face legal action, if the allegations made against them are false or defamatory. The show's guests, who may have their own motives or biases, may exploit this platform to settle scores, gain attention, or promote their own agendas, without regard for the harm they may cause.


In light of these dangers, it is important for viewers to be aware of the risks of watching Hawt mics. They should be mindful of the potential consequences of spreading rumors and unconfirmed information, and the impact it may have on the people they talk about. They should also consider the ethical implications of participating in a show that promotes gossip and slander, and the message it sends to the wider community. While free speech and open dialogue are essential, they should not come at the expense of other people's rights and dignity.

In conclusion, Hawt mics may be a new talk show that attracts attention and controversy, but it also poses serious risks and challenges to the values of truth, respect, and empathy of the growing entertainment industry. It is up to each of us to decide whether we want to contribute to a culture of gossip and slander.
Finally, I wish the hosts the very best and urge them to seek caution as they thread this beautiful path of controversy.




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