King Charles III and Camilla, the queen consort, officially ascends the throne.


Today, history was made as King Charles was officially crowned as the new monarch of the United Kingdom. The coronation ceremony was a magnificent display of tradition and pageantry, attracting a global audience of millions.

The day began with the traditional procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. The streets were lined with well-wishers and spectators eager to catch a glimpse of the newly-crowned king. The procession was led by the Household Cavalry, followed by the clergy and members of the royal family.


Once inside the Abbey, the coronation ceremony began. The Archbishop of Canterbury led the service, with King Charles taking the oath of allegiance and receiving the ceremonial symbols of power, including the crown, scepter, and orb. The ceremony was steeped in tradition and symbolism, with the ancient rituals of the coronation dating back centuries.

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After the ceremony, the new king made his way to Buckingham Palace for a grand reception. The palace gardens were transformed into a stunning display of floral arrangements, with music and dancing filling the air. The event was attended by dignitaries from around the world, as well as members of the public who had been invited to celebrate this historic occasion.

Throughout the day, there were also a number of street parties and celebrations taking place across the country. People gathered together to mark the coronation, with flags and bunting decorating streets and homes. It was a day of national pride and celebration, as the country welcomed its new monarch.


As King Charles begins his reign, there is a sense of excitement and optimism in the air. The coronation marks the start of a new era for the United Kingdom, and the king has already spoken about his plans to modernize and reform certain aspects of the monarchy. With the support of the people, King Charles is poised to lead the country into a bright and prosperous future.

The coronation of King Charles was a momentous event that will be remembered for generations to come. The day was filled with tradition, pageantry, and celebration, as the new king was officially crowned and welcomed into his role. As the country moves forward under King Charles' leadership, there is a sense of hope and excitement for the future.


"Hawt mics: A New Talk Show, its potentials, the buzz and candid opinion"

The article is a frank opinion by Thespian Akeem Ogunmilade, an entertainment community stakeholder and consulate media practitioner.

In recent weeks, a new talk show called Hawt mics has been generating buzz on social media and beyond. The show, hosted by Mc Morris , Emmanuel Igboke and sometimes Ade Tiger, invites guests to share their opinions, bias and reveal juicy secrets about people in the Nigerian Canadian  entertainment  community. While some viewers find the show entertaining and informative, others are concerned about its potential harm and impact on people's lives and homes.


 The main issue with Hawt mics is that it promotes gossip, disunity and slander, rather than building a strong community. The guests on the show are often community members with controversial stories and are picked upon by the hosts to respond to gossips from the street, which makes it difficult to verify the accuracy or authenticity of their claims. They can make unfounded accusations, spread rumors, or defame individuals without any consequences or accountability. The show's hosts, who often goads them on and adds their own provocative comments, encourages this behavior and fosters a culture of negativity, disunity and sensationalism.


Moreover, Hawt mics can have serious repercussions for the people who are mentioned or affected by the show's content. They may be subjected to public shaming, harassment, or bullying, based on rumors or half-truths. Their reputation, dignity, and privacy may be violated, without their consent or knowledge. They may also face legal action, if the allegations made against them are false or defamatory. The show's guests, who may have their own motives or biases, may exploit this platform to settle scores, gain attention, or promote their own agendas, without regard for the harm they may cause.


In light of these dangers, it is important for viewers to be aware of the risks of watching Hawt mics. They should be mindful of the potential consequences of spreading rumors and unconfirmed information, and the impact it may have on the people they talk about. They should also consider the ethical implications of participating in a show that promotes gossip and slander, and the message it sends to the wider community. While free speech and open dialogue are essential, they should not come at the expense of other people's rights and dignity.

In conclusion, Hawt mics may be a new talk show that attracts attention and controversy, but it also poses serious risks and challenges to the values of truth, respect, and empathy of the growing entertainment industry. It is up to each of us to decide whether we want to contribute to a culture of gossip and slander.
Finally, I wish the hosts the very best and urge them to seek caution as they thread this beautiful path of controversy.


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The whole social media is agog, the tweets are gaining momentum, well wishers are all adding their voices, the Nigerian Canadian circle are coming together as one for a common cause: supporting the cinema African epic movie gracing big screen this Black History month from the 10th to 16th February,2023 at the Cineplex Odeon,10 Dundas street East, Toronto.


Xphrame Media brings to you 6 outstanding reasons you must go and watch the movie in cinemas to unravel what the fuss is all about.

1- Its Plot Leaves You Thinking

Olola Aginju is the story of a king who wants his only female child, Adewumi, to ascend the throne, but the kingmakers betrayed his trust after his demise by declaring that only a male can ascend the throne. To fulfill her father’s wish, Adewumi decided to reassign her gender. The epic story shot in the milieu of the early western region pre colonial setting has other unmissable plot of treasonable consequences and power of the women.

2. It’s a celebration of the richness of culture to be found in Africa

Olola Aginju is a creative master piece brought to light by Tunde Olaoye, the epic film is a retinue and cultural reference of the lifestyle, dress sense, food, currency, means of transportation, household utensils et al in the post colonial era in the western Nigeria, culture, norms and values were well researched and documented in the epic story, no wonder it is a timely succor to celebrate the black history month in the cinema’s in Canada.

3. To avoid becoming a social pariah

OK, let’s flip this around and imagine what happens if you don’t watch Olola Aginju. You’ll get funny looks. You’ll be frozen out of conversations. You’ll have to stare blankly at the wall as your friends, family and colleagues debate the moral implications of harvesting cultural conversations about the film.

4. To experience 2022’s biggest Nigerian Epic movie in the format it was born for in Canada Cinema’s.

Above all, whatever you do, don’t miss the event movie of the year (2022) on the one platform that does it justice. CINEPLEX ODEON is the only way to truly experience every last drop of Deborah Ewedafe’’s labour-of-love Olola Aginju. And as the spectacle begins, you might find yourself echoing Go Debbie: “I see you…”

5.The Heart-Pounding Action Is There

The Movie has heart pounding action scenes with great VFX, needless to say it is an opportunity to watch Deborah Ewedafe in her best outing, her horse riding scene is a must watch.

6. A huge ground breaker for Nollywood industry in Canada

Either as a spectator, a practitioner, investor or potential investor, we must all rise and visit the cinema as this is a beginning of greater things for the industry. We must as a community all rally around the Executive producer, Nigerian Canadian Deborah Ewedafe Macaulay.

Watch interview with Deborah Ewedafe about the movie-Olola Aginju


Adewole Quadri believes success is “being happy at what you do every day.” For Him, that place is at his auto-retail-office business where he calls home.


The Nigerian Canadian is president of operations for Syllabus Autos and S and K Autos, a company that focuses on clearing and forwarding and car dealerships in Canada and other countries. In addition, he is Executive Director of Syllabus Ride, a new Canadian rideshare application on IOS and apple stores in 2023. The multi award winning young entrepreneur describes success from a different angle. “I feel that it is hard to be successful if you don’t work hard,” Adewole said.

Read on to find out how Syllabus Autos got involved in the auto industry, his thoughts on mentors and success, barriers facing African men and His reaction to the Leads awards trophy.

Q: How did you get started in the automotive retail industry?

A: I have always been a determined person and a problem solver, I ventured into auto retail because I have passion for automobiles and I understand I will excel in the field. Since then, I have never stopped growing the company.

Q: What is your definition of success? To what or who do you attribute to that success?

A: For me, success is to be happy at the place you go every day with a reason to wake up every day. I feel that it is hard to be successful if you don’t work hard.

As to “what I attribute my success to,” the big one is never limit yourself to your job duties. Always understand why the duties are there and how to do more to scale higher, even if you don’t get paid for the extra work. Never stop studying and never stop chasing perfection. It will never be perfect, but every time you try harder, you become better at what you do.

And for the “who,” I believe it is impossible to grow and be successful if you don’t have the right mentors. I was lucky enough to have the support of my mother who inspires and encourages me, My wife who also inspires and supports me. They taught me and guided me through a lot, both at work and as an individual. Without that initial and constant push, I’m not sure if I would be where I am today.

Q: As a Nigerian in an industry historically dominated by other countries, have you experienced any barriers? If so, how did you overcome those barriers?

A: Barriers are everywhere. I come from a country with different obstacles that are not based on ethnicity or skin color. But here in Canada, I understand through others why there is so much of it and with consistency we have grown to be appreciated.
As I said, you probably need to work harder if you are not white. But if you work hard enough, at some point, the excellence of your work and the way you create teams will shine brighter than your ethnicity or skin color. That doesn’t mean you don’t cross ignorant people on your way, but it will become irrelevant as you become better.

Q: What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into the industry?

A: This is a beautiful industry. There’s a piece for every interest, you learn about five different businesses under the same rooftop. If you are successful in one area, you can take it as part of a learning process to move to a different one with all the knowledge you acquired. I believe there is a path for every person to have a successful career and a successful life in the car industry.

Q: You recently won the 2022 Leads award of the year for the most promising and outstanding business brand of the year, How do you feel about it.?

A: I am grateful to the organizers, this will be the 5th international award we have received in 2022, I dedicate the recognition to my Team and and my family for their support. We are poised to do better in the new year.

Q: What advice would you give to a 10-year-old Adewole Quadri?

A: Great question. First, start from that age to practice patience. He will need it in the future. Rome was not built in one day. I would also encourage him to learn more than two languages to make his life easy and to help him learn from different sources. The third would be to become financially educated early in life. The world moves on finances and if you can understand it as early as possible, it will help to build a successful business faster.

Happy new year and thanks for having me.


OPU Canada was hit with a shocker news on the December 4th,2022 of the death of her awesome and dedicated patriot Adebukola Roseline Aina. She passed at the age of 54 years. It was a rude shock to the OPU Family.

funeral flyerjpg

Adebukola Roseline Aina also known as “nee Eddo, Yeye Oge, Chief Iya-Oodua, Mama, or Bukky” was born August 15, 1968 in Ondo State, Nigeria to Mr. and Mrs. Adeola and Aduke Eddo. She was a bright student in her primary days but it was when she attended High school at The Apostolic High School Ilara Mokin where she excelled in social studies and creating long lasting friendships with school mates. “Bukky” was an active member in her school days and this led her to continue to be a community supporter and advocate for matters within her community when she arrived to Canada in 1987. She was married to the late Samuel Aina before they divorced in the 1990’s. “Mama Bukky” has always strived to be a strong mentor for her daughter who was born from her marriage by continuing to show perseverance in tackling all challenges she was faced with to become a honorable member of the Canadian society. “Mama Bukky” will be deeply missed by her family and friends. “Mama Bukky” has many co-workers and friends that will miss her because she has been with the company for over 10+ years. She enjoyed spending time with friends, attending social gatherings, travelling, being an OPU Canada & YOV Committee member, investing in others and working hard to build a legacy.
Adebukola Aina is survived by her only daughter Yetunde Oluwaseun Aina and her many siblings in Canada and Nigeria.

Burial celeberation of life Funeral templatejpg As previously stated she was titled ‘Chie f Iya-Oòduá’ in Oòduá Progressive Union Canada (OPUC) North America  and an active member of Yoruba One Voice (YOV) and Unique Friends Worldwide. Her generosity and support to all causes will be missed by the Committee members.
Besides her loving daughter Yetunde Oluwaseun Aina, our sister and mother Adebukola Aina is survived by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Adeola and Aduke Eddo, Brothers, sisters: Mrs. Margaret Abiodun nee Eddo, Mrs. Bamitale Adelanke nee Eddo, Mrs. Toyin Akinfaderin nee Eddo, Mr. Bode Eddo, Mrs. Wumni Ogunyemi nee Eddo, Mrs. Olasumbo Oguntoyinbo nee Eddo, Mr. Olaniyi Omotoso, Mrs. Taiwo Ajayi nee Eddo, Mr. Kehinde Eddo, Mr. Olalekan Eddo, Mrs. Sola Abayomi nee Eddo, Mrs. Sade Adakeja nee Eddo; as well as numerous nieces, nephews and their families.

Find the pictures and videos from the events with links below.

Visitation videos Day -1
Visitation Pictures Day-1
Service and Interment-Videos-Day-2
Service and Interment-Pictures -Day 2