Celebrating Mc Morris: From the Stage to Community Engagement Specialist in Brampton

In a heartwarming tale of talent and dedication transcending the entertainment arena, Mr. Maurice Imadu, better known as Mc Morris, has been appointed as the Community Engagement Specialist by the City of Brampton. This significant achievement not only marks a new chapter in Maurice's career but also stands as a recognition to his deep commitment to community service, alongside his established prowess as a Nigerian-Canadian comedian and event consultant.

Maurice Imadu has long been a beloved figure in both the Nigerian and Canadian communities, known for his wit and ability to connect with diverse audiences through humor. His journey from captivating audiences with his annual event ‘My Hearing’ with laughter to engaging them in community development is a narrative of passion-driven transformation, illustrating his multifaceted talents and deep-rooted desire to give back to the community.

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A New Role for a Beloved Comedian

As the new Community Engagement Specialist, Maurice is set to bring his unique blend of charisma and strategic thinking to the forefront of Brampton's community initiatives. His role will involve fostering strong relationships between the city authorities and its vibrant, diverse Nigerian and afro Caribbean populace, ensuring that the voices of all community members are heard and valued.

Community Reactions: Joy and Expectations

The announcement of Maurice’s new role has been met with widespread acclaim and celebration within the community. Residents of Brampton and fellow Nigerians express immense pride and joy, seeing one of their own ascend to such an influential position. Social media platforms and community forums buzz with congratulatory messages, with many highlighting Maurice's previous contributions to community events and expressing confidence in his ability to excel in his new role.

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A Symbol of Diversity and Inclusion

Maurice's appointment is particularly significant in the context of cultural representation and diversity which the City of Brampton stands for. It serves as an inspiring example of how multicultural communities can thrive when inclusive practices are embraced in governance and community engagement. Maurice, with his deep understanding of cultural nuances and community dynamics, is ideally positioned to bridge gaps and build stronger, more cohesive community ties.

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Wishes for Success

As Maurice Imadu steps into his new role, the community’s expectations are high, but so is their trust in his capabilities. His proven track record as an entertainer and consultant, combined with his genuine passion for community welfare, suggests that he will approach this new challenge with the same enthusiasm and dedication that have characterized his career so far.

In conclusion, the City of Brampton could not have chosen a more fitting ambassador for community engagement than Maurice Imadu. His appointment is a cause for celebration and a beacon of hope for more inclusive and engaged community relations in the future. Congratulations, Maurice, on your new role! Your community stands with you, ready to support and collaborate towards a brighter, more connected Brampton.


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Read Asake in Toronto


"Hunter TV Africa's Asake Spectacle in Toronto: Triumph Over Trials and a Night to Remember!"

Written by: Akeem Ogunmilade


Build-Up and Ticket Sales Challenges Towards the Event

In the weeks leading up to the highly successful Asakes’ concert in Toronto, Hunter TV Africa and partners faced numerous challenges, particularly in ticket sales, this will be his first event he could not pull SOLD OUT status 48 hours to the event. For those who doesn’t know Qasim Oderinde the CEO of Hunter TV Canada, He is a chubby, handsome Nigerian Canadian, an epitome of humility, a serial entrepreneur who has masterminded a lot of catalysts in the Nigerian entertainment industry and in the diaspora. Hunter as he is popularly called started show business far back in the late 90’s as one of Nigeria's youngest film marketers in the early stage of Nollywood. He is a one of the pioneer members of the unique movie producers and marketers’ association of Nigeria.


Hunter, as a promoter, has successfully managed lots of international events in different countries.He has done lots of successful events. They include King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, Kizz Daniel, Pasuma Wonder, Basket Mouth, Malaika, Kenny Black etc., His annual boat cruise event is rated one of the best in Canada.

The promotional strategies for Asake’s concert needed to be aggressive and innovative to attract a crowd large enough to fill the substantial venue capacity at the Scotia Bank Arena. Marketing teams implemented a multi-channel approach, leveraging social media platforms, local radio stations, and community outreach to drum up excitement and ticket sales. Kudos to Kunle Kakanfo, Bishop, Aanu, Akeem Ogunmilade and other team members who worked tirelessly for the success of the event.


Venue Capacity: 19800 Afrobeat’s Lovers

The choice of venue, with a seating capacity of 19800, was a bold move by Hunter TV Africa. The challenge was not just about filling seats but creating an unforgettable atmosphere that resonated with afrobeat’s enthusiasts. The demographic targeting and strategic promotions played a crucial role in not only attracting the crowd but ensuring that the venue buzzed with energy and anticipation.

The Successful Outing and Great Performance

The concert itself was a spectacle of vibrant music and dynamic performances that exceeded expectations. Headlined by some of Asakes major hits like Lonely at top, the artists delivered electrifying performances that kept the audience on their feet throughout the night. The sound quality, stage setup, and lighting were meticulously managed to enhance the experience, making it a night to remember for every attendee.

The Power of Community Work and Team Resourcefulness

One of the standout aspects of this event was the exemplary display of community involvement and team resourcefulness. Volunteers, local businesses, and community leaders came together to support Hunter TV Africa, providing resources, spreading the word, and facilitating logistics. This community effort was pivotal in overcoming the initial ticket sales challenges and contributed significantly to the event’s success.


Hunter TV as a Game Changer

Hunter TV Africa has established itself as a game-changer in the entertainment industry, particularly in the Canadian context where afrobeat’s is still carving out its mainstream appeal. By organizing such a successful event, Hunter TV has not only promoted African culture but has also set a high standard for event organization, artist promotion, and community engagement.

Black Representation in Canada Comes to the Spotlight

The turnout at the concert highlighted the strong presence and influence of the Black community in Canada. It was a powerful demonstration of cultural pride and unity, showcasing the growing demand and appreciation for afrobeat’s and African culture in a multicultural landscape like Canada. This event has contributed significantly to the cultural tapestry of the country, bringing Black representation to the forefront.


The Edmonton Next Stop for Asake

Buoyed by the success in Toronto, Hunter TV Africa is now setting its sights on Edmonton on the 20th of April 2024, where Asake is scheduled to perform next at Rogers place. The anticipation is already building, with expectations of replicating and even surpassing the success achieved in Toronto. The Edmonton concert is poised to be another landmark event, promising an even greater celebration of afrobeat’s and African culture.

In conclusion, the Toronto concert organized by Hunter TV Africa was not just a musical event; it was a cultural phenomenon that underscored the power of community, the appeal of afrobeat’s, and the effective strategies of Hunter TV Africa as a leading force in the entertainment industry. As they move to Edmonton, the spirit of celebration and cultural pride travels with them, promising continued success in the journey of bringing afrobeat’s to the world stage.

Get your tickets for Edmonton show here - https://www.ticketmaster.ca/asake-tickets/artist/3025951

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Thank you to all the partners, supporters, team members and lovers of Hunter Tv Africa.

Photo Credits-Lyf Pixels.
Opinions expressed in this article are solely the views and opinions of the writer.


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The Imminent Solar Eclipse of 2024: A Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Viewing

 April 7, 2024

A Cosmic Marvel on the Horizon

On April 8, 2024, a rare total solar eclipse will pass over the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, offering millions the chance to witness the moon completely block out the sun. This thrilling event will reveal our star's ghostly atmosphere, turning day into deep twilight. However, to experience this rare eclipse opportunity comfortably and safely requires a bit of know-how. Here's what you should avoid doing during this event.


Don't Drive During the Eclipse

The total eclipse experience is intense, with the temperature dropping and day quickly darkening. This can easily distract drivers, increasing the odds of accidents. "A lot of people will be very distracted at that point — avoid traffic at that time," advises one expert. If you must drive, stay vigilant.

Resist the Urge to Snap Photos

Don't be tempted to snap photos. The eclipse is a moment to be lived, not viewed through a lens. Instead, focus on the experience and let the professionals handle the photography.


Happy Birthday to Akeem Ogunmilade - MD Xphrame Media.

Safety First: Use Vetted Solar-Viewing Glasses

When it comes to viewing the eclipse, safety is paramount. Make sure you purchase vetted solar-viewing glasses. Some vendors may claim their products meet the international safety standard (ISO 12312-2) for looking directly at the sun.

Don't Remove Your Glasses Until Totality

During the eclipse, don't remove your glasses until the sun is completely blocked. "You can view the eclipse directly without proper eye protection only when the moon completely obscures the sun’s bright face — during the brief and spectacular period known as totality," explains NASA. As soon as you see even a little bit of the bright sun reappear after totality, immediately put your eclipse glasses back on.

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Get your tickets now-https://www.ticketmaster.ca/asake-live-in-toronto-toronto-ontario-04-12-2024/event/1000605A09B831A5

Don't Rush Off Right After the Eclipse

Finally, don't rush off right after the solar eclipse. If you leave immediately after the event, you'll likely hit traffic. Instead, make it a day trip. Bring supplies, bring friends, and enjoy the experience. "Arrive early. Stay put. And leave late," is the recommended approach.

A Unique Opportunity

The greater eclipse event will last some two-and-a-half hours, offering a unique opportunity to glimpse planets in the darkened sky. Weather-permitting, Venus and Jupiter will be particularly radiant.

Remember, this is a rare and spectacular event. Prepare well, stay safe, and enjoy the cosmic marvel that is a total solar eclipse.


Amidst the seasonal splendor in the city of Toronto, the Living Waters Banquet Hall played host to an extraordinary Christmas party held on the 23rd December, 2023, orchestrated under the discerning guidance of Mr. Victor Adesunloye and Mrs. Oluwakemi Ibironke Adesunloye. The evening unfolded as a celebration of unity, joy, and love, presided over by the charismatic MC Morris, a luminary of comedy. However, the night's pinnacle was the electrifying raffle, featuring coveted prizes such as the groundbreaking iPhone 15, a generous cash prize of $5000, and an exquisite iPad, infusing the gathering with an air of anticipation and excitement.


As guests crossed the threshold into the banquet hall, they were greeted by a scene of opulence, where the festive spirit permeated every corner. The ambiance was a testament to the meticulous planning and unwavering dedication of the organizers, enveloping guests in an enchanting world of holiday cheer, resplendent decorations, and the alluring melodies of yuletide music administered by Dj Bjizzle.


MC Morris, the consummate host, masterfully interwove laughter and merriment into every moment, regaling the audience with his quick wit and infectious humor. His comedic finesse enlivened the gathering, eliciting uproarious laughter and creating an ambiance of conviviality that resonated throughout the event.


The highlight of the evening was the eagerly anticipated raffle, which unfolded as a crescendo of excitement and anticipation. As the winning tickets were announced, a palpable sense of exhilaration filled the air, culminating in jubilant cheers as the fortunate recipients claimed their coveted prizes. The iPhone 15, $5000 cash prize, and iPad added an irresistible allure to the evening, cementing it as an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.


A delectable feast awaited the guests. The surplus of food and drinks served as a testament to the Adesunloyes' unwavering commitment to providing an unparalleled sensory experience, allowing guests to savor the flavors of the season and revel in the delight of shared moments.

Amidst the revelry, Mr. Victor Adesunloye and Mrs. Oluwakemi Ibironke Adesunloye, the visionary hosts, Founders of Living Waters conglomerate and architects of the evening's splendor, radiated with pride and satisfaction, embodying the spirit of generosity and warmth that defines the holiday season.


As the evening drew to a close, the resounding echoes of laughter and the warmth of shared moments lingered in the air, a testament to the indelible impact of the Living Waters Banquet Hall Christmas Party. It was an evening that transcended the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who were privileged to partake in its resplendent charm.


In the wake of this extraordinary celebration, it is evident that the Living Waters Banquet Hall, under the stewardship of Mr. Victor Adesunloye and Mrs. Oluwakemi Ibironke Adesunloye, stands as a beacon of unity, hospitality, and an unwavering commitment to creating indelible experiences for all who grace its threshold.


The Living Waters Banquet Hall Christmas gala was an extraordinary celebration, an ode to the magic of Christmas, and a testament to the enduring power of joy and togetherness.

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Authenticity: Own Your Story - A Remarkable Experience at the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs' Networking Event.

An intricate reportage by Xphrame Media.

On the 11th of November 2023, the Lions Club Hall at 77 Thompson Road, Milton, became the epicenter of inspiration and empowerment as the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs hosted a captivating business networking event. The plenary session, titled "Authenticity: Own Your Story," brought together a diverse group of aspiring and established entrepreneurs, all eager to learn, connect, and make a positive impact on their communities.

What is the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs:
The Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs is a social enterprise that aims to nurture the entrepreneurial potentials of black professionals of Nigerian heritage in Canada. By leveraging their inherent social aptitude, the organization facilitates wealth creation and encourages positive community impact. The alliance offers a network of like-minded individuals, affordable skills training, funding opportunities, and valuable mentorship.

Lets cut to the chase with the event Highlights:
Under the leadership of prominent individuals such as  Emmanuel Adebola -President, Nnenna Uboma -Vice president, Teena Ogunbiyi- Director of Business Operations, Morayo Olujobi- Director of Human Resources, Philip Otutu - Director of Community Services, James Ugwuogo -Chief Technology Officer, Chichi Okiche -Director of Communications and Babatunde Eyitayo -Chief Financial Officer, the event attracted esteemed guests, including Ted Creighton, a master business coach, and Devon Amiga, the manager at Staples Studios Oakville.

The speakers' lineup included successful serial entrepreneurs like Barrister Modupe Ehinlaiye of Talk with Mo, Kingsley Madu of Expedier, and Mufuti Sanusi, the owner/operator of Chick-fil-A, Mississauga. These industry mavens shared their personal journeys, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, building platforms for future generations, and the power of networking to unlock opportunities and gain access to influential stages.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-20 at 94345 AM 3jpeg
 The Panel
Empowering Experiences:
Participants had the unique opportunity to engage directly with Mufuti Sanusi, who shared her remarkable journey of owning a Chick-fil-A franchise. The event shed light on the surprising fact that a mere $15,000 is the financial requirement to own a Chick-fil-A franchise. This revelation sparked excitement and inspiration among the attendees, showcasing the vast possibilities that lie within the entrepreneurial realm.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-20 at 94345 AM 4jpeg
Cross Section
The event was not just about knowledge and networking; it was a holistic experience. Attendees were treated to a delightful breakfast, featuring traditional Nigerian meat pies and pastries. With over 80 people in attendance, the event was characterized by meaningful conversations, engaging discussions, and a vibrant, fun-loving atmosphere.

Looking Ahead:
The Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs' next event, the end-of-year Owambe party, is scheduled for December 9th at 6pm. Once again, the Lions Club Hall at 77 Thompson Road, Milton, will serve as the venue for this exciting celebration. Tickets are available on their website, www.aneglobal.ca.

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MPP, President & Vice President.
The leaders of the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs were honored with awards from Parm Gill, the MPP of Milton and Ontario Minister of Red Tape, for their exceptional service to the Nigerian community. This recognition further underscores the impact and dedication of the organization's leaders in fostering entrepreneurship within the Nigerians in diaspora.
 WhatsApp Image 2023-11-20 at 94345 AMjpegRecognition of the leadership Team
The Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs' business networking event proved to be a remarkable occasion. Attendees were inspired by the stories and insights shared by accomplished speakers and had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders. The event embodied the spirit of empowerment, networking, and community building. As the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs continues to cultivate an environment of growth and success, attendees eagerly anticipate future events that will further enhance their entrepreneurial journeys.

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