"Hunter TV Africa's Asake Spectacle in Toronto: Triumph Over Trials and a Night to Remember!"

Written by: Akeem Ogunmilade


Build-Up and Ticket Sales Challenges Towards the Event

In the weeks leading up to the highly successful Asakes’ concert in Toronto, Hunter TV Africa and partners faced numerous challenges, particularly in ticket sales, this will be his first event he could not pull SOLD OUT status 48 hours to the event. For those who doesn’t know Qasim Oderinde the CEO of Hunter TV Canada, He is a chubby, handsome Nigerian Canadian, an epitome of humility, a serial entrepreneur who has masterminded a lot of catalysts in the Nigerian entertainment industry and in the diaspora. Hunter as he is popularly called started show business far back in the late 90’s as one of Nigeria's youngest film marketers in the early stage of Nollywood. He is a one of the pioneer members of the unique movie producers and marketers’ association of Nigeria.


Hunter, as a promoter, has successfully managed lots of international events in different countries.He has done lots of successful events. They include King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, Kizz Daniel, Pasuma Wonder, Basket Mouth, Malaika, Kenny Black etc., His annual boat cruise event is rated one of the best in Canada.

The promotional strategies for Asake’s concert needed to be aggressive and innovative to attract a crowd large enough to fill the substantial venue capacity at the Scotia Bank Arena. Marketing teams implemented a multi-channel approach, leveraging social media platforms, local radio stations, and community outreach to drum up excitement and ticket sales. Kudos to Kunle Kakanfo, Bishop, Aanu, Akeem Ogunmilade and other team members who worked tirelessly for the success of the event.


Venue Capacity: 19800 Afrobeat’s Lovers

The choice of venue, with a seating capacity of 19800, was a bold move by Hunter TV Africa. The challenge was not just about filling seats but creating an unforgettable atmosphere that resonated with afrobeat’s enthusiasts. The demographic targeting and strategic promotions played a crucial role in not only attracting the crowd but ensuring that the venue buzzed with energy and anticipation.

The Successful Outing and Great Performance

The concert itself was a spectacle of vibrant music and dynamic performances that exceeded expectations. Headlined by some of Asakes major hits like Lonely at top, the artists delivered electrifying performances that kept the audience on their feet throughout the night. The sound quality, stage setup, and lighting were meticulously managed to enhance the experience, making it a night to remember for every attendee.

The Power of Community Work and Team Resourcefulness

One of the standout aspects of this event was the exemplary display of community involvement and team resourcefulness. Volunteers, local businesses, and community leaders came together to support Hunter TV Africa, providing resources, spreading the word, and facilitating logistics. This community effort was pivotal in overcoming the initial ticket sales challenges and contributed significantly to the event’s success.


Hunter TV as a Game Changer

Hunter TV Africa has established itself as a game-changer in the entertainment industry, particularly in the Canadian context where afrobeat’s is still carving out its mainstream appeal. By organizing such a successful event, Hunter TV has not only promoted African culture but has also set a high standard for event organization, artist promotion, and community engagement.

Black Representation in Canada Comes to the Spotlight

The turnout at the concert highlighted the strong presence and influence of the Black community in Canada. It was a powerful demonstration of cultural pride and unity, showcasing the growing demand and appreciation for afrobeat’s and African culture in a multicultural landscape like Canada. This event has contributed significantly to the cultural tapestry of the country, bringing Black representation to the forefront.


The Edmonton Next Stop for Asake

Buoyed by the success in Toronto, Hunter TV Africa is now setting its sights on Edmonton on the 20th of April 2024, where Asake is scheduled to perform next at Rogers place. The anticipation is already building, with expectations of replicating and even surpassing the success achieved in Toronto. The Edmonton concert is poised to be another landmark event, promising an even greater celebration of afrobeat’s and African culture.

In conclusion, the Toronto concert organized by Hunter TV Africa was not just a musical event; it was a cultural phenomenon that underscored the power of community, the appeal of afrobeat’s, and the effective strategies of Hunter TV Africa as a leading force in the entertainment industry. As they move to Edmonton, the spirit of celebration and cultural pride travels with them, promising continued success in the journey of bringing afrobeat’s to the world stage.

Get your tickets for Edmonton show here - https://www.ticketmaster.ca/asake-tickets/artist/3025951

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Thank you to all the partners, supporters, team members and lovers of Hunter Tv Africa.

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