Eunice Mambo Films and entertainment revealed top plans to make history in the City of Toronto as they plan a mother of all events titled A Night of Fun and Film premiere.

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Our Spokes man had a chat with the president of Eunice Mambo Films. The eloquent legal practitioner and an alumni of Lagos state university made bold her intentions to make a statement with the film premiere and Night of Fun.

She went further: I want to give audience value for their money when they attend an event with class and style.

The event which has sold 138 tickets out of the 200 tickets on Eventbrite will be coming up on the 18th of August, 2021.

The Real estate and Entertainment investor said every table at the event will have a bottle of Champaign.

She insisted dress code will be corporate Tuxedos for male and Dress for female.

We asked about the event details and how she intends to make it the best. Her Publicity Director – Allen Bells said ‘a good show will speak for itself’ He said Eventbrite push alone has sold over 60% of the available tickets in just 2 weeks. He said the audience response has been very impressive as organizations are even buying tables for members to attend this epic event.

He said it is not just a Nigerian affair, the MP of Weston riding has shown interest in gracing the event with his entourage. It will be a gathering of taste and class. We have a $2000 raffle donation which is free and will be  won by any attendee.

The gate fee is a flat $100 dollars and we intend to give people value for their money.

We have MC Morris and ace Dj Olar to make the night a memorable one.

There will be free dinner and assorted freshly made barbecue. The red carpet and after party will be a wonderful blast.
Venue is at 30 Gordon Mackay road, Toronto.

The film - Beyond the pale. is a cinema master piece shot in Toronto and directed by Akeem Ogunmilade. We wish EMF films the best in her quest to change the dynamics of event history  in Toronto..

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