Odunayo Olalere Becomes the New Presenter/Producer of the Monthly Inclusion Manifest Talk Show of the Afro-Caribbean Canadian Cultural Entertainment Foundation


The Afro-Caribbean Canadian community has welcomed a new face to the forefront of the monthly Inclusion Manifest Talk Show. Odunayo Olalere, an accomplished communications professional and advocate for community engagement, has taken on the role of presenter, succeeding Emmanuel Igboke. The talk show, organized by the Afro-Caribbean Canadian Cultural Entertainment Foundation, has gained significant acclaim for showcasing the achievements of Afro-Caribbeans who have achieved success in various fields, inspiring others along the way.

With a background in Mass Communications, specializing in Public Relations and Advertising, Odunayo Olalere brings a wealth of experience and a passion for community involvement to her new role. 

Prior to her current position, Odunayo is a program coordinator with the foundation.  This experience instilled in her the importance of making a positive impact regardless of cultural background, race, gender, or sexual identity. In addition to her professional endeavors, she also volunteers as board member, further demonstrating her commitment to helping others.

In her personal life, Odunayo enjoys a range of hobbies and interests. Cooking, admiring art, dancing, and traveling all bring her joy and fulfillment. Through these activities, she embraces the diversity and beauty of different cultures, broadening her own perspective while celebrating the richness of human expression.

As the new presenter and producer of the Monthly Inclusion Manifest Talk Show, she aims to continue the show's legacy of highlighting the achievements of successful Afro-Caribbeans. By sharing their stories, challenges, and triumphs, the show seeks to inspire viewers to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

The Afro-Caribbean Canadian Cultural Entertainment Foundation and its supporters eagerly anticipate the upcoming episodes of the Inclusion Manifest Talk Show under Odunayo Olalere's guidance. With her natural charisma, empathy, and dedication to uplifting marginalized voices, she is poised to continue the show's mission of inspiring individuals to overcome obstacles and succeed in their chosen fields.

Xphrame Media wishes her the best.

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