Ekiti Kete Canada Takes Action: Committee Formed to Address Toronto Refugee Crises

In response to the ongoing refugee crises in Toronto, a remarkable initiative has emerged from the Ekiti Kete community in Canada. Recognizing the pressing need to address the challenges faced by refugees in the city, The Association has taken a proactive step by raising a committee dedicated to tackling this humanitarian issue. This groundbreaking effort showcases the power of communities coming together to make a positive impact on the lives of those seeking refuge and safety in Canada.


Barrister Anthony Adeshina
President-Ekiti Kete Canada

The refugee crises in Toronto have been a growing concern for some time, with an increasing number of people fleeing their countries due to conflict, persecution, and dire living conditions. The influx of refugees into the city has strained existing resources, making it difficult for the city authorities to fully address the needs of these vulnerable individuals and families.

The formation of the Ekiti Kete Canada committee is a testament to the strong sense of community and solidarity within the Ekiti Kete diaspora living in Canada. Ekiti Kete Canada is an organization comprising individuals from Ekiti State, Nigeria, who have united to promote their culture, provide support to one another, and contribute to the larger Canadian society as a charity organization.

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The newly formed committee under the leadership of the president Barrister Anthony Adeshina aims to approach the refugee crises in Toronto with a comprehensive and compassionate strategy. Their mission is twofold:

  1. Needs Assessment and Advocacy: The committee will conduct a thorough needs assessment of the refugees in Toronto to understand the challenges they face. This assessment will help identify the specific areas where support is most urgently required. Subsequently, the committee will advocate on behalf of refugees to raise awareness about their plight and encourage appropriate governmental and non-governmental agencies to take necessary action.

  2. Resource Mobilization: Recognizing the strain on existing resources, Ekiti Kete Canada will mobilize its members and community networks to gather essential resources. These resources may include food and clothing support for refugee families. Additionally, the committee will explore fundraising opportunities to provide financial assistance where needed.

The formation of this committee reflects the true spirit of humanitarianism, where a group of individuals comes together, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences, to address a common cause. Ekiti Kete Canada's initiative is a shining example of how communities can play an active role in finding solutions to complex social issues.

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Moreover, their proactive response sends a powerful message to other communities and organizations that positive change is possible when we unite with empathy and purpose. By working together, Ekiti Kete Canada is set to make a significant difference in the lives of refugees and contribute to building a more inclusive and compassionate Toronto.

As the committee begins its noble journey to alleviate the Toronto refugee crises in the meeting on the 26th July, it is crucial for the broader public to lend their support and solidarity. Together, we can create a stronger, more welcoming society that embraces those who seek refuge and safety within Canada.