If you thought you had a great weekend, chances are it wasn’t anywhere near as memorable as those who attended the 2021 All white Toronto Party boat cruise.

The event resonated her integrity and made history this year. 4th Edition review proved Alashk Heritage promotions had over the years built confidence and earned the recognition of standard event organization in the Nigerian Canadian community.

In the history of events in the community, Jimi Alasela’ has made a record.

Jimi Alasela is a household name when it comes to creative Nigerian ambassadors in diaspora, the multi-talented entrepreneur who is a Canadian citizen doubles as the CEO of the prestigious, classy and exotic one stop Lounge and restaurant in Toronto Canada-24-7 Lounge.

Jimi as popularly called by all, hails from the Gate way state in Southwest Nigeria, West Africa. He is also the president and CEO of Alashk Heritage promotions worldwide the organizers of the prestigious annual All White Toronto Party boat cruise.

2021 edition was mind blowing and a memorable one. The event was sold out 2 weeks to event date with people scrambling and willing to buy the tickets at higher price from people who may not be attending.


Unlike previous editions where posters and flyers had to be made and distributed. This year’s edition experienced low-key publicity with a wow response. A prove of value for goodwill earned over the years.

The event witnessed a prompt turn out of people at the meeting point on Polson Street, downtown, Toronto. At the gate, tickets of those who could not attend was sold at a $100.

The event was indeed one of it’s kind. The well coordinated event had every attendee excited. There was indeed value for money paid to attend with packaged dinner which went round and was in excess.

The delicious dinner was prepared by 24-7 Lounge and restaurant.


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Xphrame Media Documented the event and had a chat with some guests on the boat. Most of them requested for a part 2 of the event before winter while some expressed their uttermost joy attesting to a fulfilled outing.


It was a gathering of different nationalities on this years edition. We had Jamaicans, Indians, Lebanese and other Africans in attendance. People came from different provinces outside Ontario to witness the event.

The DJ gave beautiful hits. The white dress code was unique and lovely. It was a display of varieties of designers.

We had a brief chat with Jimi Alasela. The business Passionist said all he could say was thank you to everyone who supported the vision. He said mentioning names will be exhausting but he is indeed very grateful to everyone. He urged people to watch out for the 2022 edition.

View full event pictures in link below