Meet Jasmine Uboma, a 17 years old avid Nigerian Canadian Math enthusiast making exploits.

Jasmine Uboma is a 17 years old avid Math enthusiast with a knack for unlocking and simplifying secrets behind complex primary and high school Math.

Beyond Math is her first intellectual work motivated by always looking to challenge herself to sharper analytical and critical thinking skills. She is a Statistics undergrad, class of 2025, who is actively engaged in community service and has in the past volunteered in organizations such as The E2 Young Engineers, alongside other school and town functions.

As a child, link-based math was introduced and a part of her home studies taught by her grandmother. The math style is to help the reader use their problem-solving skills in a timely manner to solve the problem. The skills attained from the math work are problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking, and reasoning skills. The idea is to get the reader to see different perspectives to find the correct solution, like the saying, there are two sides to every coin.


Being in high school, Jasmine has seen how critical thinking is very important for every school age child. At times, what is taught in school isn’t enough because when an application question is raised, many students don’t know where to start. This is where the critical thinking skills come in handy; it allows you to break down the problem and work through the solutions from many sides.

Beyond Math has the basic edition and the advanced edition. 256 pages of math problems to solve, and build up critical thinking and reasoning skills. In addition, beyond-math will have a monthly subscription based math tutoring session. On this platform, mentoring will be available to students on how to go about solving the question, enabling kids to think for themselves.

Beyond Math’s goal is to ultimately enable children to be able to logically find a solution to complex problems, skills that can be used for years. In the current world, the value in a human being is their ability to problem solve, human intelligence, something that cannot be replicated in artificial intelligence, automation or robotics.

These skills are honed through the Beyond Math workbook problems, ultimately to help shape the young minds of tomorrow. If you would like to support this project, Jasmine and Nnenna, Jasmine’s mother, have started a kickstarter page to help with the initial costs of this project. You can pledge to this project from a minimum of $30 to receive a book or more at launch.

The target is to reach a goal of $5,000, and kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform meaning they have until May 7th 2021 to raise all the money, or receive nothing at all. Help them achieve their goal by clicking this link, and pressing back this project.

Isn't she amazing?