IMG-20210718-WA0016jpgpngChildren are avid users of YouTube. In 2020, for the first time, children younger than 8 are watching more videos online than on live TV or through streaming services, for an average of 39 minutes a day (Rideout & Robb, 2020).


However, there are a lot to be wary of on YouTube, and sometimes good role models go bad. With so many inappropriate videos out there, it can be challenging to find YouTube channels and shows that are not full of behavior you don't want your kids repeating.

 Luckily, these likable kid-youtubers spread positive vibes with their great messages. Emmanuella of Mark Angel comedy has 7.74 Million subscribers with 409 video post . She is a popular pick winning over tweens, teens and adults.


This ushers us to introduce Oluwadunmininu Oyeyemibashua (Tehilla), a Nigerian Canadian born on 20th of May 2014 in Phoenix Arizona USA.

The pretty damsel, a grade 2 pupil in Ontario, Canada has started making waves with her contents. A pride to her parents who are very passionate about supporting her dreams.

She demonstrates gifted acting skills which positions her for strategic recognition in her desire to excel as a renowned kid-youtuber.

Tehilla's hobby include but not limited to drawing, singing, dancing-ballet and acting.

She is passionate about charity and helping the needy and feels it is not their fault that they are poor. She insists her parents give money to any one they come across who is in need.

In a brief chat with Tehilla's mother, she described her as a rare child who rises to any call to help. In her words she said, Tehilla’s mood determines what she routes to do. She would advocate and defend her innocent classmates in trouble, suddenly become a doctor if anyone around her is sick and when she see’s art works she gets inspired takes to drawings.

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She had some beautiful and amazing skits on her channel and working on more contents.

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Her Instagram handle is @tehillaobash

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