Odua Republic – Dead on arrival or not?

Odua Republic – Dead on arrival or not?


A critical appraisal.

The agitation for the Yoruba nation has trended in recent times and climaxed to a crescendo birthing the maiden worldwide freedom -walk under the auspices of Yoruba one Voice, a coalition of all Yoruba groups around the world.

Xphrame Media blog critically looks at the holistic rationale for the call for Odua republic from a three-dimensional perspective.

Purpose cum objective of the call

Steps taken so far to actualize the call

Unity amongst the visioners and governance foresight.

Amongst reasons tabled from various quarters on the agitations for a Yoruba nation are unfair treatment to the Yoruba’s, invasion of the Fulani herdsmen to the Southwest, High headedness of the Fulani hegemony in politics, Faulty 1999 constitution, kidnapping et al

One will agree no doubt that the basis for the agitations are germane, water holding and worth the cause. We however have a different opinion in critically accessing potency of the request vis a vis  the degraded value of the Nigerian entity. Most of the reasons for the agitations did not start in recent times. The Yoruba nation has had their fair opportunity of ruling the country in same vein hence the albatross of blame swings on both the sides. Historical facts buttress that the Yoruba’s have contributed to the salvaged Nigerian entity. While the basis to all these lies on our sense of humanity which has over the time gone anti-clockwise in generality. In short form, the problem with the identity Nigeria is that of mentality and a wrong circle cum impression of purpose of life. While it is a fundamental human right to freedom of association, what bothers most is accountability of governance which is 2 ways, the Yoruba's have Governors, senators, house of Representatives, house of assembly members and local government structures: to what extent has the people held this outrageously paid bunch of people accountable for their plights. Excuses are like shoes and you will always get your size in wanton situations not withstanding the clamor for this succession is long over due but my greatest fears are entangled in the accomplishment of this maladies alluded as the basis of claim for the secession.

Steps taken so far has come in shredded diverse sources, it is difficult to pinpoint a central pedigree

On the agitation, while the elite structure of the Yoruba nation is expected to be fully formal in all the agitations steps considering their educational exposure, it seems little or not as expected enough of the secession steps has been followed. A case study of the Biafra demand that has left hundreds of agitators late should be a benchmark. Could it be the media is not sensitizing the people on the steps taken so far or the people are not propagating enough of it? Could it be that the Nigerian government and her constitution is truncating the efforts logically? or the people are not ready for this redemption agenda.

Lastly, are the Yoruba’s truly ready for this call-out struggle? Political divide may end up becoming the abattoir in which the dreams may die. Stake holder’s unity in a struggle is uncompromisable. The elder statesmen, the traditional structures, the Amotekuns, the OPC etc. are all feeding from the tables of the corrupt government which feeds them back with insecurity and maladministration. The hope that a Yoruba man may become the next president is also a major divide looming and starring at the corridor of hope for the agitation. In all these, the agitation has started, the impression is made though it seems like the Yoruba’s in diaspora are even more agitated than the ones at home, could it be effect of strategic poverty or the systematic greed circle the system has put them over the years?

It is our hope that the visioners of this call, come together and unite as one. There is need for unity to achieve this. It is a due call that time will bring to manifestation, it is certainly not soon from the writings on the wall, but surely someday. The preparedness for this transcends political affiliations.

Written by Xphrame Media.

October 2, 2020.

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