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Authenticity: Own Your Story - A Remarkable Experience at the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs' Networking Event.

An intricate reportage by Xphrame Media.

On the 11th of November 2023, the Lions Club Hall at 77 Thompson Road, Milton, became the epicenter of inspiration and empowerment as the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs hosted a captivating business networking event. The plenary session, titled "Authenticity: Own Your Story," brought together a diverse group of aspiring and established entrepreneurs, all eager to learn, connect, and make a positive impact on their communities.

What is the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs:
The Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs is a social enterprise that aims to nurture the entrepreneurial potentials of black professionals of Nigerian heritage in Canada. By leveraging their inherent social aptitude, the organization facilitates wealth creation and encourages positive community impact. The alliance offers a network of like-minded individuals, affordable skills training, funding opportunities, and valuable mentorship.

Lets cut to the chase with the event Highlights:
Under the leadership of prominent individuals such as  Emmanuel Adebola -President, Nnenna Uboma -Vice president, Teena Ogunbiyi- Director of Business Operations, Morayo Olujobi- Director of Human Resources, Philip Otutu - Director of Community Services, James Ugwuogo -Chief Technology Officer, Chichi Okiche -Director of Communications and Babatunde Eyitayo -Chief Financial Officer, the event attracted esteemed guests, including Ted Creighton, a master business coach, and Devon Amiga, the manager at Staples Studios Oakville.

The speakers' lineup included successful serial entrepreneurs like Barrister Modupe Ehinlaiye of Talk with Mo, Kingsley Madu of Expedier, and Mufuti Sanusi, the owner/operator of Chick-fil-A, Mississauga. These industry mavens shared their personal journeys, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, building platforms for future generations, and the power of networking to unlock opportunities and gain access to influential stages.

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 The Panel
Empowering Experiences:
Participants had the unique opportunity to engage directly with Mufuti Sanusi, who shared her remarkable journey of owning a Chick-fil-A franchise. The event shed light on the surprising fact that a mere $15,000 is the financial requirement to own a Chick-fil-A franchise. This revelation sparked excitement and inspiration among the attendees, showcasing the vast possibilities that lie within the entrepreneurial realm.

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Cross Section
The event was not just about knowledge and networking; it was a holistic experience. Attendees were treated to a delightful breakfast, featuring traditional Nigerian meat pies and pastries. With over 80 people in attendance, the event was characterized by meaningful conversations, engaging discussions, and a vibrant, fun-loving atmosphere.

Looking Ahead:
The Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs' next event, the end-of-year Owambe party, is scheduled for December 9th at 6pm. Once again, the Lions Club Hall at 77 Thompson Road, Milton, will serve as the venue for this exciting celebration. Tickets are available on their website,

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MPP, President & Vice President.
The leaders of the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs were honored with awards from Parm Gill, the MPP of Milton and Ontario Minister of Red Tape, for their exceptional service to the Nigerian community. This recognition further underscores the impact and dedication of the organization's leaders in fostering entrepreneurship within the Nigerians in diaspora.
 WhatsApp Image 2023-11-20 at 94345 AMjpegRecognition of the leadership Team
The Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs' business networking event proved to be a remarkable occasion. Attendees were inspired by the stories and insights shared by accomplished speakers and had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders. The event embodied the spirit of empowerment, networking, and community building. As the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs continues to cultivate an environment of growth and success, attendees eagerly anticipate future events that will further enhance their entrepreneurial journeys.

Events Vendors



Press Release    

October 31, 2021


Power of Inclusion: What is the Fuss About!


Council of Nigerian Professionals Inc. (CNP)

Presents: The Maiden Edition of Power of Inclusion: What is the fuss about!

A Three (3) day event, starting on Thursday - Saturday, December 2nd-4th, 2021


‘Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.”- Jesse Jackson


There has been a lot of discussion around inclusion, yet here we are.

After the August 28,1963 speech of Martin Luther King Jr. during the match in Washington for jobs and freedom… I have a dream...who would have thought that we’ll still be here?


It took double tragic incidents in 2020 to bring the need for inclusivity to the forefront again. Covid-19 gave the world a reset button, and the death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, may his soul Rest in Peace, brought inclusion back to the forefront.


This is a discussion that affects the world and humanity. It is a call for you, for me, for everyone, that knows that Systemic Anti-Black Racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia and more destroys; and wants to see a new dawn of change.


Outstanding and Distinguished Keynote Speaker panelists will be available to share their view on each day



Day 1: Breaking Down Barriers - Virtual- Registration link:

Day 2: Envisioning A Brighter Future - Virtual- Registration link

Day 3: Inclusive Leadership - (live streaming and in-person)

YouTube: @CNPNGO         Facebook: @CNPNGO



There are individuals, community members, and leaders, who are change agents, setting the tone, and are pacesetters in this space. Everyday people changing the narrative on inclusion. CNP is glad to announce that, these people would be recognized and celebrated with; Power of Inclusion Awards in three (3) categories:

Leadership, Champion, and Community.


Introduction Video:

For additional details, please contact:


Dr. Lamine Diallo                      


Phone: 416-464-9930   


Mr. Obiora Igweze


Ms Olawunmi Afolabi-Daniels


For details about CNP Kindly click below



The much hyped and talked about A night of Fun and Premier of Beyond the Pale has come and gone.

We bring to you, executive summary of the Movie premiere which was held on the 18th of September 2021 at De Runa Banquet Hall by Eunice Mambo Films and Entertainment.



Eunice Mambo Films is a Film production and entertainment company based in Ontario, Canada. EMF made debut of her first classic short film title Beyond the pale. The Movie stars notable Nigerian Canadian Nollywood acts like Chris Noel, Ifeanyi, Gabriel along side other international artistes like Hugo Coelho.

EMF had the film premiere in a grand style. The event was well attended by friends and lovers of the firm.


Attendees Survey

With the Covid restriction in the City of Toronto, the Hall capacity rules had to be maintained, the expected hall capacity was 350 for Covid protocols however the turn out over stretched to 500 people at a point. EMF made history as a first-time event organizer to have successfully pulled such a crowd to a movie premiere.

Event program

EMF launched out in style and class with an event concept that brought top 10 Nigerian Canadian artiste on a stage. The Film Director and Head of Operations EMF, DT Akeem Ogunmilade a cinematographer and director gave the welcome address. MC Morris, a comedian per excellence treated the guest to laugh pills. Media guru and Mogul CEO of Abedorc Media gave the opening prayer. The housekeeping and covid protocol were adhered to ensure city safety rules. The President of EMF, Eunice Mambo gave her vote of thanks at the tail end of the screening and the dance floor was declared open by Canada’s finest DJ Orla.



Location and Venue

The choice of the location was a perfect one because it was central. Guest came in from as far as the United States of America, Hamilton, Milton, Ottawa, Oshawa and so on.

Marketing, Media, and promotion

EMF leveraged largely on social to have harnessed the crowd sourcing. Xphrame Media also pulled all her arsenals for publicity towards the success of the premier, the show of love was massive and impressive from all quarters.


EMF proved the dynamics of show business was achievable going by community positive impact index. The event had a retinue of big business brand which rose to sponsor the event in bits.

Among brands that sponsored the event include Micro Bell Media, Adeba connector, SOJ Suya, Recognize, Convy Estates, Aboki Toronto, Syllabus Autos, The Meat House, Sleepy-Bella Aphrodisiacs, New Fresh Logistics and Creed-Inno Group.


Eunice Mambo-President EMF

Red carpet and reviews about the event.

The red carpet was welcoming and Mind blowing. The red carpet set the mood for the event and blew peoples mind ahead of the film screening. The dress code was a Tuxedo for men and Dress for ladies. There was 95% dress code compliance.

Attendees said great things about the event. The film quality was highly commended. The food varieties at the event were spectacular. It had both local and international dishes.

In summary, Eunice Mambo set a legacy, she inspired a lot of people and to some she is a worthy to be studied on how she pulled through such a crowd despite the Covid restrictions and being a first time event promoter in North America.

For full event pictures kindly click below