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Nigerian Canadians in recent times has taking their creative ingenuity to next level. This has given birth to various productions both individually and collectively.

Nigerians are noted globally to be hardworking and very creative. They have been recent consultations among entertainment bigwigs in the Ontario which has initiated the necessity to have a common front for Nigerian Canadian practitioners as producers.

This was what gave birth to the Nigerian Canadian Producers association.

The birth became necessary as a pet joint project of producers to avail them the opportunity to unite and bring common ideas to a table in maximizing the power of Team work.

Report reveals that the vision of the association is to set out as a legacy association, will be jointly grown and managed by all pioneer members.

The mission of the association is to grow a platform for all Nigerian Canadian producers to come to a common table and discuss what they can collectively bring to the table, leverage on government supports for black communities, synergize on marketing and distribution, speak as one voice and lastly affiliate ourselves with sister organizations' in our host community.


When we asked one on the pioneer members, he described the idea as a welcomed development. To him it was a long due rallying point. He said such a body can serve as aggregators between content producers and distribution companies and platforms.

When asked about who can join the new association, he said the association was open to Film producers, Crew members, Documentary producers, Content creators, Intending Film producers, Investors

Production Houses and Companies.

Objectives of the association includes :

Collaborations on projects

Accessing joint government funding

Grow affiliations with international bodies

Opening links to resources needed and platforms to showcase individual projects

Sharing community-based information

Sharpening expertise skill set

Marketing synergies and strategy of contents created.

To us, this is a welcome development and starting out perfectly well as a publicly owned legacy project.

Interested members are urged to use the below link to signify interest and get further information.

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