Toronto's real story of the Candlelight procession for MohBad.

Honoring the Late Artiste and Advocating for End to bullying.

In a poignant display of unity, concerned mothers and community stakeholders in Toronto came together for a solemn procession and candlelight event to honor the late Nigerian artiste, MohBad. This gathering, held in the heart of Toronto, was more than just a remembrance. The convener Aminat Ajoke Ali popularly known as Amino of Aminoglamour and CEO of OGA’S kitchen a doordash affiliate culinary servicing company best described the success of the movement for justice as a Community United in Grief.


Xphrame media was briefed of the action plan and followed the trend of the event from the WhatsApp group created to manage the logistics of the procession.
Prior to the build up, key players in events promotions, actors, entertainment, community and business stakeholders were contacted and added to the group in mass, within 3 hours of the idea inception, over 300 people had signified interest.

Play of interests
Mc Morris had initially incubated his plan to organize the rally however seeing the massive support Amino got as a rallying point accepted to join forces with her call to action. Prince George Entertainment also had his own plans, they all eventually combined forces to ensure a smooth procession.
Contrary to widespread reports, which looked like a visiting artiste organized the procession, the event was a joint effort of Nigerians living in Toronto who turned out genuinely for MohBad.
While it looks like Prince George leveraged on the procession to strategize for his next show with the said artiste.


Event day
The procession began with community members gathering at a central location, carrying candles that would later light up the night in a touching tribute to MohBad. It was a diverse assembly, reflecting the multicultural fabric of Toronto. Concerned mothers, fathers, young adults, and children came together, transcending generational and cultural boundaries to mourn the loss of a young talent whose music had touched hearts worldwide.
A Heartfelt Tribute
As the procession reached its destination, a central gathering point, attendees lit their candles, illuminating the night sky with a warm and poignant glow.
Words of Comfort and Hope
Community leaders and mental health advocates addressed the gathering, offering words of comfort and hope. They emphasized the importance of supporting one another, seeking help when needed, and breaking the stigma associated with bullying.

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A Silent Reflection
The event concluded with a moment of silence, allowing attendees to reflect on their own experiences, the impact of MohBad's music. It served as a reminder that, in times of grief and adversity, communities can come together to support one another and advocate for change.
Moving Forward with Unity
The candlelight procession for MohBad in Toronto was a moving demonstration of community unity, compassion, and the strength that can be found in shared grief. It was not only a tribute to an artist who had left an indelible mark but also a step forward in addressing mental health challenges and fostering a more compassionate and supportive community.

As the candles flickered in the night, they symbolized the enduring light of MohBad's music and the collective resolve of the Toronto community to raise awareness, offer support, and advocate for a brighter future in which No-to-Bullying is emphasized and no one suffers in silence.

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