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A buzzword in the global social networking firmament is Dorcflex, as several of the big players in the space are introducing various ideas and chat services into their applications. Just this week, Abedorc productions announced the launching of Dorcflex application into its Android/iOS app so that Android and iPhone users could enjoy the various features of the new application.

In a mini press conference with Abedorc productions the makers of DorcFlex application, the resolve to create the large functioning data processing and networking platform is to create an all entertainment based platform for producers, musicians, artistes, traders ,promoters and audience to interact and not just interact but create a virtual –real time engagement that models physical interaction.


In the words of the Executive director of Abedorc productions ‘’ this is a unique and all engaging platform, you can party, go live, host shows, schedule pay as you watch, spray money, organize religious program, buy items, shop for item, sell items, create your business stand, get services etc. all on DorcFlex’’.

Xphrame media was privileged to be at the application test server station, we can say authoritatively the platform will form a new prospect in the entertainment front, there are no stiff rules and you need to have your own credentials to log into your account. Most thrilling is the ability to monitor your sales in real-time.

Dr. Willis Samthra, the system development Director described the initiative as a timely one considering the Covid pandemic. He said the application will be a must have for entertainment sector enthusiast to meet up with the benefits packaged in the application.

Chief Yinka Farinde called on all his brand supporters and fans to download and sign up with the application to enjoy the resources available.

DorcFlex will be officially available from the 5th of March, 2021.

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