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For first time readers, Canada events rating is a team of event reviewers who say it the way it about organized events and shows organized in Canada in the Nigerian community.


As the city returns and begin to ease off restrictions gradually. Events are beginning to return. The big questions is will those old star players in community events return to the spotlight?

Truth be told a lot of them will never again get patronage and general recognition like they enjoyed during the pre covid era. Reason is that they seem to be great increase in Nigerian community in the Toronto, these set of Nigerians are fun loving youths with great energy for fun, talented, daring and forming their own circles. Another reason is the massive pathway for health workers immigration scheme which has doled out permanent status to a lot of Nigerians building up the exciting for fun before the winter returns.

We have had the Caribana show, Nigeria vs Ghana show and Club on the boat and album launches and big birthday parties in halls. Turn out for events has been massive.

Needless to say, Nigerians love fun, we have been bored by the covid, they are new cloths to slay and guys also need to mingle.


Canada events ratings knew Jimi Alasela to be the host of all white boat party before the covid. Hunter Tv was known for collaborations and Felebration event outside been a film producer. Things are changing obviously, post covid looks like a new level playing ground for all event organizers. Recently event promoters are also uniting to work as a team, will that fly for a long time? We really can’t say.

Jimi Alasela last minute cancellation of MC Morriss event “Laugh at last” in his restaurant also looks like a beginning of a post covid entertainment haux.

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Jimi Alasela’s all white party will be coming up in weeks, Will he get audience like he used to do?

A lot of new talent in the community springing up so fast, some are so lost and faking it to look real, some are lost to social media mirage.

The audience demographic has fast changed in such away we can’t predict old events will repeat yard stone achievements record of impact.

As for Hunter’s Boat party, well they were lots of complain about the untidy Boat 2 which spent less than 2 hours on the sea. DJ orlah however compensated with great grove music.

Reports from boat 1 was pretty impressive and with dinner served, one would rate the event a 80%.

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Quality event is our mandate to advocate and encourage in the community. Eunice Mambo films and entertainment has slated 18th September for her event titled A night of Fun and Film premiere. She intends to make a statement with the classified event. They will be free bottles of champagne per table, $2000 raffle to be won, side attractions, free assorted barbecue, free dinner, MC Morriss and DJ orlar. Gate fee is $100 flat and admits to a table of 10.

Keep your fingers crossed as we bring more information from CER.

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