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Vintage old school night event was held on the 21st of October,2022. It was an event organized by Xphrame media and Afro Heritage International. The event was well attended and feedback was massive.

We bring to you the event picture highlights from the event.
The organizers got so much feedback which they promised to leverage into the next edition coming up in 2023.
At the post event review meeting the organizers agreed to drop the live band aspect of the event and infuse more DJ time with intriguing games.
Associate partners to the event described it as a huge success considering the turn out and audience feedback.


The organizers equally seized the opportunity to appreciate all the event supporters who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event. They equally appreciated all the comperes for their support.
According to the principal partner -Akeem Ogunmilade, he expressed his concern about how event organizers fix their event dates on dates already fixed for an event. He said some unknown organization changed their event date which clashed with ours. Such unprofessional disposition is unbecoming in the community. He concluded by saying the event was fully attended despite that.


Mr. Omoaldeogo Sayo, the Event lead designer thanked everyone who left their busy schedule to attend the event, he promised the next edition will be mind blowing.

Enjoy the other pictures with link below



In a self reportage extract, articulate author and Edo state multi award winning ambassador wins the art category of the urban Hero awards of the City of Toronto.
Excerpts ''I received the long awaited Urban Hero Award for the category of "Art" from the City of Toronto last night, October 26th, 2022! Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that, "All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." As a Black woman, It takes hard work, dedication and perseverance to climb the socio-economic ladder!

In my time, I have been able to shape the history of Benin and advance humanity with my unique and innovative prowess (selfless community service in Canada and in the diaspora). I'm very grateful for the encomium from the general public. The award event was posted on local newspapers in Toronto! My gratitude to Metroland media, Canadian Tire and everyone that organized this historic award event! Thank you all for believing in the strength of a visionary woman! The plaque has my picture! Fantastic!''
Xphrame media congratulates Nekpen on this yet another feat.


Xphrame Media in this article specially greets all Muslim faithful's, as the day marks the beginning of the Ramadan period.

This episode of the Top 5 GTA community gist’s in March 2022 comes with a painful loss of a Nigerian Canadian actress.

Well, like the living will say: life goes on, we shall all leave someday.

Grab your popcorn and relish the updates we bring to you, don’t forget to contact us via email if you have any contributions at

Iyawo Olue celebrated her late mothers one year remembrance in grand style.

Toyin Shokoya popularly know as Aya Olue celebrated the one-year remembrance of her late mother Chief Mrs. Olufunmilayo Shokoya ins grand style on the 19th of March 2022 at the Manhiya Convention center, 95 Eddystone Avenue in Toronto.

Iyawo Olue 223 of 257jpg

The socialite, event promoter and CEO of Tee world entertainment said beautiful things about her late mother and appreciated the massive community turn out. It was a great evening with live band performance, a lot to eat and drink and a DJ.


Nigerian Canadian actress, Afolashade Abisoye Quadri buried amidst tears.

It was shocking news to friends and families of Afolashade Abisoye Quadri in the early hours of 17th March 2022 as the news of her death filtered unbelievably through the community. Friends had to drive down to the Kitchener home of the delectable actor cum entrepreneur to confirm the news.


The prominent and articulate thespian passed on in her sleep few weeks after her birthday. Afolashade Abisoye Quadri was born February 11th, 1982, she was a beautiful soul, hardworking and creative.

She was buried on the 24th of March,2022 at the Bernardo Funeral home amidst tears of loved ones. She will be greatly missed. Rest on Shade.

ABODE community celebrated art against racism event with Ghana King

It was unique and spectacular virtual gathering organized by ABODE community services, with the theme Art against Racism. The virtual event had artistes’ performance and cultural display by Iyameto productions. The highlight was the attendance of the King of Ghana and his Queen. The Monarch spoke about the rich culture of the gold coast and thanked the organizers of the event.


Abode Community Service Centre (ACSC) is a non-profit organization empowering vulnerable black communities with equitable access to food, social connectedness and healthcare promotions.

Top Nigerian comedy/entertainment stars endorses De don unblended in Canada

Mr. Iruvwe Okeremute popularly know as De don seems to be underrated in the Nigerian comedy circle, the intelligent comedian has made history in the Canadian comedy industry. His forthcoming comedy event promotions has redefined his personality and position in the industry. He has done an unprecedented act going by the status of great Nigerian comedians that has shown support for his April Canada -Toronto and Calgary show tagged De don unblended.


Great Nigerian stars like Bovi, Okey Bakassi, Teju baby face, African China, Koffi de guru, destalker, Eboh Bomb and a host of others have proudly said great things about the Nigerian Canadian comedy act that speaks volume about his creativity and respect in the international comedy industry.

The tickets are still on sale, and we encourage you all to come and experience the event.


Jimi Alasela announces 2022 date for the 5th All white Toronto Boat Cruise.

Multi talented CEO of 24-7 Lounge and restaurant located at 106 Humber college boulevard Toronto in a press release stated that the much-awaited 2022 5th edition of all white boat cruise will hold on the 9th of July 2022.

The event is packaged by Alashk Heritage promotions, they are the pioneer organizers of all white boat cruise event.


We asked how the 5th edition will look like and he said this year’s edition will be best. He said all attendees will get value for their money and a lasting memory. He added dinner will be served, they will be bottle services and expect 2 DJ’S and MC’s. He encouraged that celebrant can book tables on the boat for unlimited fun. For further information please call 647-864-4912


LDEEP 002jpg

There has been the news all over our community of the Employers wages subsidy, some quarters have received the news with skepticism while the smart ones has keyed into and already started benefiting.

In this article Xphrame media blog brings the details with the intention to clarify the simple process.

For readers who are not employers you are advised at this point to just share with your network who are active employers and seeking to recruit employees, this is because it gets juicy and tempting from this point.

Come to think of it, we all agree Canada is a working system with positive governance goals and we are gradually getting into the post covid era, congratulations we are all alive as survivors, the pandemic has gone with a lot of our loved ones.

LDEEP 002jpg

Straight to business, the wage subsidy program is designed to help employers facing difficulty in recruiting a well trained and passionate workforce. The LDATD is a not-for-profit organization funded to actualize this subsidy program.

The subsidy program will help you get well trained and certified employees, and they will be formally recruited into your business to work for you. The employees are paid by the organization for the first 3 months via your formal pay system, which literally means you are saving on wages for 3 months.

It gets more interesting to find out that there is a whooping free $1500 you are entitled to when you attend just one edition of the employer’s workshop. This will help you further with your business needs.

The icing is that you are not mandated to keep the employees if after the 3 months you realize that you are unable to keep up with the payment. I will stop here and trust the smart ones to key into this opportunity.

Before I round off, your business must be registered and have a payroll system.

To benefit from this simply call 647-868-1357 to benefit from this subsidy.




Press Release    

October 31, 2021


Power of Inclusion: What is the Fuss About!


Council of Nigerian Professionals Inc. (CNP)

Presents: The Maiden Edition of Power of Inclusion: What is the fuss about!

A Three (3) day event, starting on Thursday - Saturday, December 2nd-4th, 2021


‘Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.”- Jesse Jackson


There has been a lot of discussion around inclusion, yet here we are.

After the August 28,1963 speech of Martin Luther King Jr. during the match in Washington for jobs and freedom… I have a dream...who would have thought that we’ll still be here?


It took double tragic incidents in 2020 to bring the need for inclusivity to the forefront again. Covid-19 gave the world a reset button, and the death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, may his soul Rest in Peace, brought inclusion back to the forefront.


This is a discussion that affects the world and humanity. It is a call for you, for me, for everyone, that knows that Systemic Anti-Black Racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia and more destroys; and wants to see a new dawn of change.


Outstanding and Distinguished Keynote Speaker panelists will be available to share their view on each day



Day 1: Breaking Down Barriers - Virtual- Registration link:

Day 2: Envisioning A Brighter Future - Virtual- Registration link

Day 3: Inclusive Leadership - (live streaming and in-person)

YouTube: @CNPNGO         Facebook: @CNPNGO



There are individuals, community members, and leaders, who are change agents, setting the tone, and are pacesetters in this space. Everyday people changing the narrative on inclusion. CNP is glad to announce that, these people would be recognized and celebrated with; Power of Inclusion Awards in three (3) categories:

Leadership, Champion, and Community.


Introduction Video:

For additional details, please contact:


Dr. Lamine Diallo                      


Phone: 416-464-9930   


Mr. Obiora Igweze


Ms Olawunmi Afolabi-Daniels


For details about CNP Kindly click below