There has been the news all over our community of the Employers wages subsidy, some quarters have received the news with skepticism while the smart ones has keyed into and already started benefiting.

In this article Xphrame media blog brings the details with the intention to clarify the simple process.

For readers who are not employers you are advised at this point to just share with your network who are active employers and seeking to recruit employees, this is because it gets juicy and tempting from this point.

Come to think of it, we all agree Canada is a working system with positive governance goals and we are gradually getting into the post covid era, congratulations we are all alive as survivors, the pandemic has gone with a lot of our loved ones.

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Straight to business, the wage subsidy program is designed to help employers facing difficulty in recruiting a well trained and passionate workforce. The LDATD is a not-for-profit organization funded to actualize this subsidy program.

The subsidy program will help you get well trained and certified employees, and they will be formally recruited into your business to work for you. The employees are paid by the organization for the first 3 months via your formal pay system, which literally means you are saving on wages for 3 months.

It gets more interesting to find out that there is a whooping free $1500 you are entitled to when you attend just one edition of the employer’s workshop. This will help you further with your business needs.

The icing is that you are not mandated to keep the employees if after the 3 months you realize that you are unable to keep up with the payment. I will stop here and trust the smart ones to key into this opportunity.

Before I round off, your business must be registered and have a payroll system.

To benefit from this simply call 647-868-1357 to benefit from this subsidy.