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Authenticity: Own Your Story - A Remarkable Experience at the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs' Networking Event.

An intricate reportage by Xphrame Media.

On the 11th of November 2023, the Lions Club Hall at 77 Thompson Road, Milton, became the epicenter of inspiration and empowerment as the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs hosted a captivating business networking event. The plenary session, titled "Authenticity: Own Your Story," brought together a diverse group of aspiring and established entrepreneurs, all eager to learn, connect, and make a positive impact on their communities.

What is the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs:
The Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs is a social enterprise that aims to nurture the entrepreneurial potentials of black professionals of Nigerian heritage in Canada. By leveraging their inherent social aptitude, the organization facilitates wealth creation and encourages positive community impact. The alliance offers a network of like-minded individuals, affordable skills training, funding opportunities, and valuable mentorship.

Lets cut to the chase with the event Highlights:
Under the leadership of prominent individuals such as  Emmanuel Adebola -President, Nnenna Uboma -Vice president, Teena Ogunbiyi- Director of Business Operations, Morayo Olujobi- Director of Human Resources, Philip Otutu - Director of Community Services, James Ugwuogo -Chief Technology Officer, Chichi Okiche -Director of Communications and Babatunde Eyitayo -Chief Financial Officer, the event attracted esteemed guests, including Ted Creighton, a master business coach, and Devon Amiga, the manager at Staples Studios Oakville.

The speakers' lineup included successful serial entrepreneurs like Barrister Modupe Ehinlaiye of Talk with Mo, Kingsley Madu of Expedier, and Mufuti Sanusi, the owner/operator of Chick-fil-A, Mississauga. These industry mavens shared their personal journeys, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, building platforms for future generations, and the power of networking to unlock opportunities and gain access to influential stages.

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 The Panel
Empowering Experiences:
Participants had the unique opportunity to engage directly with Mufuti Sanusi, who shared her remarkable journey of owning a Chick-fil-A franchise. The event shed light on the surprising fact that a mere $15,000 is the financial requirement to own a Chick-fil-A franchise. This revelation sparked excitement and inspiration among the attendees, showcasing the vast possibilities that lie within the entrepreneurial realm.

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Cross Section
The event was not just about knowledge and networking; it was a holistic experience. Attendees were treated to a delightful breakfast, featuring traditional Nigerian meat pies and pastries. With over 80 people in attendance, the event was characterized by meaningful conversations, engaging discussions, and a vibrant, fun-loving atmosphere.

Looking Ahead:
The Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs' next event, the end-of-year Owambe party, is scheduled for December 9th at 6pm. Once again, the Lions Club Hall at 77 Thompson Road, Milton, will serve as the venue for this exciting celebration. Tickets are available on their website,

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MPP, President & Vice President.
The leaders of the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs were honored with awards from Parm Gill, the MPP of Milton and Ontario Minister of Red Tape, for their exceptional service to the Nigerian community. This recognition further underscores the impact and dedication of the organization's leaders in fostering entrepreneurship within the Nigerians in diaspora.
 WhatsApp Image 2023-11-20 at 94345 AMjpegRecognition of the leadership Team
The Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs' business networking event proved to be a remarkable occasion. Attendees were inspired by the stories and insights shared by accomplished speakers and had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders. The event embodied the spirit of empowerment, networking, and community building. As the Alliance of Nigerian Entrepreneurs continues to cultivate an environment of growth and success, attendees eagerly anticipate future events that will further enhance their entrepreneurial journeys.

Events Vendors

The whole social media is agog, the tweets are gaining momentum, well wishers are all adding their voices, the Nigerian Canadian circle are coming together as one for a common cause: supporting the cinema African epic movie gracing big screen this Black History month from the 10th to 16th February,2023 at the Cineplex Odeon,10 Dundas street East, Toronto.


Xphrame Media brings to you 6 outstanding reasons you must go and watch the movie in cinemas to unravel what the fuss is all about.

1- Its Plot Leaves You Thinking

Olola Aginju is the story of a king who wants his only female child, Adewumi, to ascend the throne, but the kingmakers betrayed his trust after his demise by declaring that only a male can ascend the throne. To fulfill her father’s wish, Adewumi decided to reassign her gender. The epic story shot in the milieu of the early western region pre colonial setting has other unmissable plot of treasonable consequences and power of the women.

2. It’s a celebration of the richness of culture to be found in Africa

Olola Aginju is a creative master piece brought to light by Tunde Olaoye, the epic film is a retinue and cultural reference of the lifestyle, dress sense, food, currency, means of transportation, household utensils et al in the post colonial era in the western Nigeria, culture, norms and values were well researched and documented in the epic story, no wonder it is a timely succor to celebrate the black history month in the cinema’s in Canada.

3. To avoid becoming a social pariah

OK, let’s flip this around and imagine what happens if you don’t watch Olola Aginju. You’ll get funny looks. You’ll be frozen out of conversations. You’ll have to stare blankly at the wall as your friends, family and colleagues debate the moral implications of harvesting cultural conversations about the film.

4. To experience 2022’s biggest Nigerian Epic movie in the format it was born for in Canada Cinema’s.

Above all, whatever you do, don’t miss the event movie of the year (2022) on the one platform that does it justice. CINEPLEX ODEON is the only way to truly experience every last drop of Deborah Ewedafe’’s labour-of-love Olola Aginju. And as the spectacle begins, you might find yourself echoing Go Debbie: “I see you…”

5.The Heart-Pounding Action Is There

The Movie has heart pounding action scenes with great VFX, needless to say it is an opportunity to watch Deborah Ewedafe in her best outing, her horse riding scene is a must watch.

6. A huge ground breaker for Nollywood industry in Canada

Either as a spectator, a practitioner, investor or potential investor, we must all rise and visit the cinema as this is a beginning of greater things for the industry. We must as a community all rally around the Executive producer, Nigerian Canadian Deborah Ewedafe Macaulay.

Watch interview with Deborah Ewedafe about the movie-Olola Aginju


In a self reportage extract, articulate author and Edo state multi award winning ambassador wins the art category of the urban Hero awards of the City of Toronto.
Excerpts ''I received the long awaited Urban Hero Award for the category of "Art" from the City of Toronto last night, October 26th, 2022! Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that, "All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." As a Black woman, It takes hard work, dedication and perseverance to climb the socio-economic ladder!

In my time, I have been able to shape the history of Benin and advance humanity with my unique and innovative prowess (selfless community service in Canada and in the diaspora). I'm very grateful for the encomium from the general public. The award event was posted on local newspapers in Toronto! My gratitude to Metroland media, Canadian Tire and everyone that organized this historic award event! Thank you all for believing in the strength of a visionary woman! The plaque has my picture! Fantastic!''
Xphrame media congratulates Nekpen on this yet another feat.


Ekiti kete Canada is a non for profit organization registered in Canada by indigenes of Ekiti State from Nigeria.

The organization over the years has proven the power of unity yields ripple effects of socio-economic growth.

On the 3rd of July, 2022 the relief agency had the maiden edition of the Cultural food celebration. The food festival was a show case of culture, traditional food, traditional board games, children sports, dance, teenage engagements et al.

Xphrame Media documented the event which Canada events rating described as record breaking .

The turnout was massive, the varieties of food was impressive, the organizational set up was topnotch, the systematic event agenda switch was superlative, the sacrificial efforts of volunteer members were humongous, the team work was flawless and the atmosphere was love ridden.

Against the hot scorching sun at G Ross Lord Park, members defiled all odds to ensure a smooth free for all food festival. It was indeed a reunion and networking opportunity of a sort for the community.

Special delicacies, soups and dishes affiliated with the homo-cultural people of Ekiti state were on display and freshly made. Ekiti people are popularly known for their love for pounded yam. They were mortar and pestle to pound yam and numerous other meals. There was freshly made barbeques and grilled hot dogs, roasted corn, freshly made Nigerian Jollof rice etc.

The event witnessed attendance of other communities in Canada and was described by the Canada event ratings as a successful all inclusive event promoting diversity.

In a chat with the Public relations officer of the organization, Mr. Tokaseen, he ascribed the success of the event to the management and leadership efforts. He said the president, Mr. Adeshina and his executives worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event. He further added the Board of directors led by Hon. Olatoye and other senior members support played a vital role to the association as whole.

During the event the President and Board members thanked a long outstanding supporter of the organization- Constable Ojo. Constable Ojo has over the past 17 years been consistently  supportive in gifts donation to the association.

The children had fun with varieties of games, competitions and agenda’s which engaged them. Once again, Ekiti kete Canada made history, pulling their strength in unison hosting the first ever most attended, most organized and most successful outdoor cultural food festival.

Xphrame media congratulates the organization.

Event video Highlights

Picture speaks from the event.

Event Full video

The Lavazza IncluCity Festival Announces its 2022 Official Lineup

Mahalia Jackson, Steadfast, and This, Your Lagos to Headline Festival

Special appearances by director Wale Ojo and the Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine

                                                                 WALE OJOjpg  

 TORONTO – The Lavazza IncluCity Festival, organized by ICFF, is thrilled to feature an extensive international line-up to showcase this year at The Distillery Historic District. Beginning on June 27 to July 16, the Lavazza IncluCity will play host to some of the most prestigious stars, special guests and VIPs. Thanks to the partnership with The Distillery Historic District and the collaboration with CHIN Radio, the festival will present an entertainment experience like no other in Toronto, with countless in-person initiatives for everyone and many guest stars in attendance.        

ICFF is very excited to announce the presence of director Wale Ojo to present his film This, Your Lagos. Ojo’s film follows the story of William Ashbee and his return to the city of Lagos, Nigeria two years after he has left. In a documentary of exploration, boundary-breaking and self-reflection, William learns about the interconnectedness of the social classes that make up the city. On July 10, Wale Ojo will join ICFF in the Distillery to present his first ever documentary film. In-conversation with Wale Ojo will precede the screening ft. Isioro T. Jaboro, Sonia Aimy, Toka Mcbaror, Isoken Ibie, Akeem Ogunmilade and entertainment by JBWAI.



The Lavazza IncluCity Festival is proud to celebrate and promote films from Black creatives about their stories and featuring their perspectives, highlighting their talents, and astounding contributions to the filmmaking world. As part of our multicultural mandates, the Lavazza IncluCity is proud to partner with African Women Acting AWA to include the American, Canadian and Nigerian communities in our film festival. We cannot wait to welcome our esteemed guests to Toronto this summer.


ICFF is proud to partner with Rogers Communications, ICFF Official Communication Partner, and Christie® for the 2022 edition of the Lavazza IncluCity Festival.


Tickets are on sale at AudienceView Professional (


Social Media

Instagram: @icffcanada

Twitter/Facebook: @ICFFCanada

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For more information or to request interviews, please contact:



Sonia Aimy, ICFF Black/African Program Coordinator