The whole social media is agog, the tweets are gaining momentum, well wishers are all adding their voices, the Nigerian Canadian circle are coming together as one for a common cause: supporting the cinema African epic movie gracing big screen this Black History month from the 10th to 16th February,2023 at the Cineplex Odeon,10 Dundas street East, Toronto.


Xphrame Media brings to you 6 outstanding reasons you must go and watch the movie in cinemas to unravel what the fuss is all about.

1- Its Plot Leaves You Thinking

Olola Aginju is the story of a king who wants his only female child, Adewumi, to ascend the throne, but the kingmakers betrayed his trust after his demise by declaring that only a male can ascend the throne. To fulfill her father’s wish, Adewumi decided to reassign her gender. The epic story shot in the milieu of the early western region pre colonial setting has other unmissable plot of treasonable consequences and power of the women.

2. It’s a celebration of the richness of culture to be found in Africa

Olola Aginju is a creative master piece brought to light by Tunde Olaoye, the epic film is a retinue and cultural reference of the lifestyle, dress sense, food, currency, means of transportation, household utensils et al in the post colonial era in the western Nigeria, culture, norms and values were well researched and documented in the epic story, no wonder it is a timely succor to celebrate the black history month in the cinema’s in Canada.

3. To avoid becoming a social pariah

OK, let’s flip this around and imagine what happens if you don’t watch Olola Aginju. You’ll get funny looks. You’ll be frozen out of conversations. You’ll have to stare blankly at the wall as your friends, family and colleagues debate the moral implications of harvesting cultural conversations about the film.

4. To experience 2022’s biggest Nigerian Epic movie in the format it was born for in Canada Cinema’s.

Above all, whatever you do, don’t miss the event movie of the year (2022) on the one platform that does it justice. CINEPLEX ODEON is the only way to truly experience every last drop of Deborah Ewedafe’’s labour-of-love Olola Aginju. And as the spectacle begins, you might find yourself echoing Go Debbie: “I see you…”

5.The Heart-Pounding Action Is There

The Movie has heart pounding action scenes with great VFX, needless to say it is an opportunity to watch Deborah Ewedafe in her best outing, her horse riding scene is a must watch.

6. A huge ground breaker for Nollywood industry in Canada

Either as a spectator, a practitioner, investor or potential investor, we must all rise and visit the cinema as this is a beginning of greater things for the industry. We must as a community all rally around the Executive producer, Nigerian Canadian Deborah Ewedafe Macaulay.

Watch interview with Deborah Ewedafe about the movie-Olola Aginju