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ERE CANADA: A Movie with an Unfortunate Twist in TAMPAN Canada Chapter.


In the vast world of cinema, independent films have always held a special place. These movies often emerge as passion projects, driven by a dedicated team of individuals who pour their heart and soul into creating something remarkable. "ERE CANADA" is one such film that recently graced the screens of YouTube, produced by the selfless efforts of the TAMPAN Canada chapter members. However, the association's unfortunate loss of several members due to poor leadership has cast a shadow over this otherwise remarkable achievement.


The Birth of "ERE CANADA":

"ERE CANADA" is the brainchild of TAMPAN Canada, a branch of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN). The movie serves as a testament to the talent and resilience of the Nigerian diaspora in Canada, who came together to create a project that showcased their cultural heritage and storytelling prowess.

Selfless Production:

The production of "ERE CANADA" stands as a shining example of selflessness and dedication. The members of TAMPAN Canada volunteered their time, skills, and resources to bring this project to fruition. From writing the script to handling the technical aspects of filming and directing, everyone involved in the movie displayed an unwavering commitment to their craft.

The Storyline and Themes:

"ERE CANADA" weaves a captivating narrative that explores the challenges faced by Nigerian immigrants in Canada. The movie delves into themes of identity, cultural assimilation, and the longing for a sense of belonging. With its rich storytelling and heartfelt performances, the film struck a chord with audiences, both within and beyond the Nigerian community.

Unfortunately, despite the critical success and positive reception of "ERE CANADA," the TAMPAN Canada chapter faced a severe setback due to internal issues.

The Dark Cloud of Poor Leadership:

In any organization, strong leadership is crucial for growth, unity, and success. Sadly, the TAMPAN Canada chapter was plagued by poor leadership, which resulted in the loss of several members. Dissatisfaction with the leadership style of the association's president, whose decisions were deemed arbitrary and self-serving, led to a wave of resignations. 


"ERE CANADA" is more than just a movie; it represents the resilience, creativity, and collective spirit of the Nigerian diaspora in Canada. Despite the unfortunate loss of members within the TAMPAN Canada chapter, the film itself remains a testament to the dedication and talent of those involved. Let us hope that this setback can serve as a catalyst for positive change within the association, ensuring that future endeavors receive the support and leadership they deserve.

All the best to TAMPAN Canada.



"Hawt mics: A New Talk Show, its potentials, the buzz and candid opinion"

The article is a frank opinion by Thespian Akeem Ogunmilade, an entertainment community stakeholder and consulate media practitioner.

In recent weeks, a new talk show called Hawt mics has been generating buzz on social media and beyond. The show, hosted by Mc Morris , Emmanuel Igboke and sometimes Ade Tiger, invites guests to share their opinions, bias and reveal juicy secrets about people in the Nigerian Canadian  entertainment  community. While some viewers find the show entertaining and informative, others are concerned about its potential harm and impact on people's lives and homes.


 The main issue with Hawt mics is that it promotes gossip, disunity and slander, rather than building a strong community. The guests on the show are often community members with controversial stories and are picked upon by the hosts to respond to gossips from the street, which makes it difficult to verify the accuracy or authenticity of their claims. They can make unfounded accusations, spread rumors, or defame individuals without any consequences or accountability. The show's hosts, who often goads them on and adds their own provocative comments, encourages this behavior and fosters a culture of negativity, disunity and sensationalism.


Moreover, Hawt mics can have serious repercussions for the people who are mentioned or affected by the show's content. They may be subjected to public shaming, harassment, or bullying, based on rumors or half-truths. Their reputation, dignity, and privacy may be violated, without their consent or knowledge. They may also face legal action, if the allegations made against them are false or defamatory. The show's guests, who may have their own motives or biases, may exploit this platform to settle scores, gain attention, or promote their own agendas, without regard for the harm they may cause.


In light of these dangers, it is important for viewers to be aware of the risks of watching Hawt mics. They should be mindful of the potential consequences of spreading rumors and unconfirmed information, and the impact it may have on the people they talk about. They should also consider the ethical implications of participating in a show that promotes gossip and slander, and the message it sends to the wider community. While free speech and open dialogue are essential, they should not come at the expense of other people's rights and dignity.

In conclusion, Hawt mics may be a new talk show that attracts attention and controversy, but it also poses serious risks and challenges to the values of truth, respect, and empathy of the growing entertainment industry. It is up to each of us to decide whether we want to contribute to a culture of gossip and slander.
Finally, I wish the hosts the very best and urge them to seek caution as they thread this beautiful path of controversy.


thank sponsorsjpgIMG-20230107-WA0018jpg

We have received several calls about the much talked about event tagged old school night coming up on the 21st of October 2022, as a principal partner in the event we decided to put up a brief guide on shopping tips and of course share some other vital updates about the event.


Dressing up doesn’t mean wearing a suit or fancy dress — it just means being comfortable enough so that you can enjoy yourself at the event. Choose loose clothing that doesn’t restrict movement because there will be dancing involved!  Trust one of our MC’s- First born who will be directing the old school dance train am sure you’ll want something that keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

It’s an indoor show and there’s no chance of rain or snow! If you already have a style, this is the time to wear it proudly. If not, now’s the time to experiment with different looks and find what suits you best.

If you are in your 30s: Nothing says “I’m fun” like an outfit that makes people wonder if they should be scared or impressed. This is also a great event for going just a little bit crazy with color and pattern mixing.

In your 40s: Your style at this point should be classic and versatile enough that it will still work 10 years from now — or even past retirement age if that’s how long you plan on rocking out!

What if you want to look fancier than that? then definitely wear shorts (with pockets) And if you want to add some color, throw on a flowy top or dress with a skirt underneath it that covers your butt when you sit down.

Most people get their dress style inspiration from the artists and old films-A look at film like Oleku et al will shed further traditional styles of dress code.

Above all please dress to express yourself in your own way and be ready for fun.

We have 8 MCs to keep you on your toe all through the event.

This is the maiden edition and the next edition by 2023 will be next level.

Tickets will be available at event door and event starts at 7pm on the dot.

Football Collagejpg


Ekiti kete Canada is a non for profit organization registered in Canada by indigenes of Ekiti State from Nigeria.

The organization over the years has proven the power of unity yields ripple effects of socio-economic growth.

On the 3rd of July, 2022 the relief agency had the maiden edition of the Cultural food celebration. The food festival was a show case of culture, traditional food, traditional board games, children sports, dance, teenage engagements et al.

Xphrame Media documented the event which Canada events rating described as record breaking .

The turnout was massive, the varieties of food was impressive, the organizational set up was topnotch, the systematic event agenda switch was superlative, the sacrificial efforts of volunteer members were humongous, the team work was flawless and the atmosphere was love ridden.

Against the hot scorching sun at G Ross Lord Park, members defiled all odds to ensure a smooth free for all food festival. It was indeed a reunion and networking opportunity of a sort for the community.

Special delicacies, soups and dishes affiliated with the homo-cultural people of Ekiti state were on display and freshly made. Ekiti people are popularly known for their love for pounded yam. They were mortar and pestle to pound yam and numerous other meals. There was freshly made barbeques and grilled hot dogs, roasted corn, freshly made Nigerian Jollof rice etc.

The event witnessed attendance of other communities in Canada and was described by the Canada event ratings as a successful all inclusive event promoting diversity.

In a chat with the Public relations officer of the organization, Mr. Tokaseen, he ascribed the success of the event to the management and leadership efforts. He said the president, Mr. Adeshina and his executives worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event. He further added the Board of directors led by Hon. Olatoye and other senior members support played a vital role to the association as whole.

During the event the President and Board members thanked a long outstanding supporter of the organization- Constable Ojo. Constable Ojo has over the past 17 years been consistently  supportive in gifts donation to the association.

The children had fun with varieties of games, competitions and agenda’s which engaged them. Once again, Ekiti kete Canada made history, pulling their strength in unison hosting the first ever most attended, most organized and most successful outdoor cultural food festival.

Xphrame media congratulates the organization.

Event video Highlights

Picture speaks from the event.

Event Full video

The Lavazza IncluCity Festival Announces its 2022 Official Lineup

Mahalia Jackson, Steadfast, and This, Your Lagos to Headline Festival

Special appearances by director Wale Ojo and the Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine

                                                                 WALE OJOjpg  

 TORONTO – The Lavazza IncluCity Festival, organized by ICFF, is thrilled to feature an extensive international line-up to showcase this year at The Distillery Historic District. Beginning on June 27 to July 16, the Lavazza IncluCity will play host to some of the most prestigious stars, special guests and VIPs. Thanks to the partnership with The Distillery Historic District and the collaboration with CHIN Radio, the festival will present an entertainment experience like no other in Toronto, with countless in-person initiatives for everyone and many guest stars in attendance.        

ICFF is very excited to announce the presence of director Wale Ojo to present his film This, Your Lagos. Ojo’s film follows the story of William Ashbee and his return to the city of Lagos, Nigeria two years after he has left. In a documentary of exploration, boundary-breaking and self-reflection, William learns about the interconnectedness of the social classes that make up the city. On July 10, Wale Ojo will join ICFF in the Distillery to present his first ever documentary film. In-conversation with Wale Ojo will precede the screening ft. Isioro T. Jaboro, Sonia Aimy, Toka Mcbaror, Isoken Ibie, Akeem Ogunmilade and entertainment by JBWAI.



The Lavazza IncluCity Festival is proud to celebrate and promote films from Black creatives about their stories and featuring their perspectives, highlighting their talents, and astounding contributions to the filmmaking world. As part of our multicultural mandates, the Lavazza IncluCity is proud to partner with African Women Acting AWA to include the American, Canadian and Nigerian communities in our film festival. We cannot wait to welcome our esteemed guests to Toronto this summer.


ICFF is proud to partner with Rogers Communications, ICFF Official Communication Partner, and Christie® for the 2022 edition of the Lavazza IncluCity Festival.


Tickets are on sale at AudienceView Professional (


Social Media

Instagram: @icffcanada

Twitter/Facebook: @ICFFCanada

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For more information or to request interviews, please contact:



Sonia Aimy, ICFF Black/African Program Coordinator